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Our Bullseye Models and SiteMining service use statistical analyses to help you reach the best possible site conclusions.  We can conduct customer analyses to enhance either service.

Site Analytics knows that you, our client, must make the final real estate decisions based on your judgment and experience. Our analyses give you additional information so you can make a fully informed evaluation.

Bullseye ModelBullseye Model
This is our enhanced version of a traditional site selection model. We conduct a thorough analysis of your existing stores from multiple perspectives. Not only do we analyze the demographics, but we also study the site attributes, the co-tenants, and the competition. We also incorporate operational, HR, and marketing data where appropriate. These analyses help us understand which factors truly drive your success.

Once we’ve identified and confirmed your critical success factors, we create a forecasting tool which answers the questions you see listed to the right. Armed with that information, we can help you understand which trade areas to focus on – and which to avoid.

When you’re ready to analyze a market, we’ll create maps showing the hotspots. When you’re ready to analyze a site, we’ll run it through your custom-crafted Model to provide a sales forecast. When you’re ready to take a fresh look at your current store portfolio, we’ll use the Model to help you decide how to optimize your store locations.

The SiteMining toolbox is a revolutionary new way to address many of these same issues, but from a different perspective. Many real estate decisions boil down to one question: Is this new site similar to your best stores or your worst ones? If it’s comparable to your best performers, you have a pretty good sense you’ll do well at this location too. If it turns out you’ve opened several stores like this one and they’ve done poorly, you’ll want to think twice about choosing this location.

SiteMining helps clients quickly and objectively find comparables. It’s an online service, available 24/7, for clients to perform their own powerful analyses in minutes.

SiteMining also performs a wide range of additional analyses. Unique among any software package, SiteMining is interactive in a way that other systems aren’t. Ask a question, get an answer. In seconds.

Want to understand the impact of a certain demographic factor on your stores? SiteMining instantly does the analysis and shows you the results. How much does a specific competitor hurt (or help) your sales? SiteMining gets the answer for you nationally, or by state, or by region, or by any other category. How much extra rent can you afford to pay at this new site? It could take a market research department days to provide those answers. But with SiteMining, the answers are always at your fingertips.

Some clients use SiteMining to supplement traditional site selection models. Some clients use it to address all their analytical real estate needs.

has its own website. Please visit there to learn more about this unique service. Discover why SiteMining is the ultimate real estate toolbox. www.sitemining.com

Site and Store Analyses: Our Process

Developing a complete understanding of your current stores
  • Which factors doom a new store to failure?
  • Which factors help a new store succeed?
  • How does the interaction of demographics, site factors, co-tenants, and competitors influence your stores?
Finding the best growth opportunities
  • Which markets are likely to perform best for you?
  • Where are the trade areas within a market that match your needs?
  • Which areas should you avoid?
Analyzing a new site
  • Objectively finding comparables: Is this site similar to your best or worst stores?
  • What should be the sales forecast?
  • Are there any red flags here warning you about potentially costly mistakes?
  • Will there be cannibalization from your existing stores?
Boosting performance at existing locations
  • Which stores should be closed or re-located?
  • Which stores can probably benefit the most from operational improvements?
  • Which store managers have developed techniques to
    boost performance that can be applied to other units?
Customer Analyses: Our Process

Understanding your customer base
  • Where are they coming from?
  • Who are they—from a demographic and Psychographic perspective?
  • Where are they located in new markets? Where are the hotspots?
  • How can you target your marketing efforts to attract more shoppers?
  • How does this impact and guide your direct mailing efforts?