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Our unique products make use of statistical analyses to help clients resolve two key issues:

  • The Tenant Prioritizer helps clients decide which retailers may be most interested in their sites

  • The EvaluSite Report helps clients attract a specific tenant to their site

The Tenant Prioritizer
At our trade show booths, we get asked lots of questions by landlords. But easily the most frequent question is “How do I figure out which new tenants belong in my shopping center?” (Or on my vacant land?)

Nobody wants to waste their time calling on retailers who won’t be interested in opening a store in their area. It can save so much time – and get a deal done more quickly – if you focus only on the companies who are going to be most receptive to your message.

Until recently, there hasn’t been a logical, formulaic way to determine who might be the most interested in your site. But now, Site Analytics has developed a process to do just that. Give us a list of 50 retailers who you think might be good candidates. We’ll then analyze the types of trade areas which those retailers have selected in the past. We’ll rank those 50 in order of “most likely to be interested” in your property. The report which we return to you is called the Tenant Prioritizer. You can then devote your energies towards pitching to the candidates who want to listen.

Another version of the Tenant Prioritizer helps you identify who you should target for your property by identifying tenants who typically open in your type of environment.

Evalusite Report The Evalusite Report
Clients use the EvaluSite Report to help them attract a specific, targeted tenant to their shopping center.

How often does this happen to you: You’ve identified one (or a few) retailers whom you very much want in your center. You send them your standard marketing materials…and then they don’t return your calls? Or they tell you they’re not interested in your market?

The EvaluSite Report helps landlords in both of these situations. Clients use them when they want to make a good first impression on the retailer—when they want to make sure their materials get read. And, they use them to help remove doubts that a retailer may have about their type of neighborhood.

Retailers receive dozens of site packages each week. They often don’t have time to read through them or start conducting analyses. So you need to grab their attention. You need to prove that your site really could work for them. You need to let them know you are truly interested in attracting them to your site.

And they need to see that your site is truly similar to other stores they’ve opened in the past.

How does it work? To create an EvaluSite Report, we find 20 or 30 other sites which that retailer has opened in your region. Then we gather up to 1,000 different demographic datapoints for each of those comparable sites. We focus on the most relevant factors to determine if your site is similar to—or better than—the types of stores they’ve opened in the past.



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