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There are over 1,000 retail chains in the United States with more than 50 stores. Which ones belong in your city? You could target all 1,000 of them by sending out flyers and informational kits. But we all know how ineffective those can be.

At Site Analytics, we believe that you’re best off focusing your energies on attracting the retailers who would be most interested in coming to your city. But how do you know which would be most interested? That’s where the Tenant Prioritizer comes in.

Then, once you’ve identified your best targets, how do you actually convince the retailer they belong in your city? That’s where the EvaluSite Report comes in.

These challenges faced by you as a city are the same challenges faced by shopping center owners who are looking to attract a retailer to their center. Since the challenge is the same, you can use the same tools the developers themselves use: The Tenant Prioritizers and EvaluSite Reports. We modify them for use by municipalities, but the concept is the same. So, for more info about these services, please visit the For Developers” section by clicking here




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